God's hope for Adam and Eve was what that they would grow, reach perfection and form a true family. This is what He originally intended at the time of the Creation. God created Adam as His only begotten Son and Eve as His only begotten Daughter. With absolute love He invested everything in them, and in them, He placed all His hopes. What has just been described is how, through the Messiah at the Second Advent, God will fulfill the providence of inaugurating the True Parents. For this purpose God enabled two people to be born on earth. Sun Myung Moon is the True Father; he is the Messiah at the Second Adevent and Third Adam. Hak Ja Han is the True Mother; she comes as the Bride of the Messiah at the Second Advent, the Third Eve and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. (Chambumo Gyeong, Book 1.)
I pro-claim the new day of eternal life. On this day we sing praise to eternal liberation and complete freedom, to a new heaven and earth, the final and ideal realm of the providence centering on God. January 13, 2013 is coming with the promise of a new era and a new nation. (Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 13, Chapter 3, Section 1, 38-39.).
  • Event Commemorating the True Parents' Birthday

    Holy Birthday: Feb 21 morning~afternoon, CheongShim Peace World Center
  • Address by Intl. Pres. Sun Jin Moon

    Feb 20 15:00~17:00
  • Rally for the Hopeful March Foward for a Heavenly Korea

    Feb 22, CheongShim Peace World Center

※ Participation donation of Gratitude (Registration Fee)

Age/Day 2/20(Tues)-22(Thurs) 2/21(Wed)-22(Thurs) 2/22 (Thurs)
0~2 9,000 Won 5,000 Won Donation of Gratitude
3~6 13,000 Won 5,000 Won
7~12 30,000 Won 20,000 Won
13 and above 48,000 Won 30,000 Won

*If you arrive February 21 (Mon) or before, there is a staying fee per day you will need to pay. (0-2 years: 4,000won, 3-6 years: 8,000won, elementary school: 10,000won, adults: 18,0000won)

※ Medical Insurance for Traveling Abroad (Traveler’s Insurance)
1) Even if you obtain traveler’s insurance, you will be asked to pay the hospital fee first, and then get reimbursed later. Please prepare extra cash for emergency medical expenses.
2) Please check all details with the company as to whether or not it can be used in South Korea.
※ Further inquiries
1) Telephone: English: +82-31-589-7137, 7053
2) Fax: +82-31-584-4336
3) E-mail: cpintl2013@gmail.com (International Office)
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